Friday, February 27, 2009


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Friday is already here. Yey? Nope. I still have tons of things to do for the Colympics.

1. Create a scheme to get people come to the opening. (We need an audience to wow Studio 23!)

2. Create the rule book for the sports.

3. Think of an impressive opening act.

We have a meeting tomorrow with all the Point Persons so no Saturday lounging for this girl.

I haven't posted the poster of the Colympics here yet so here it is:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Whitie Found!

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I thought everything is lost when I searched the roof, the abandoned house next door and the whole yard and still no Whitie. I was really desperate when I followed the mom at our roof at 11:30 PM. But all was not lost after all when Whitie was returned to us, by Tuki of course!, at 1:30 AM! Thank god for the little kitty's strong lungs I was able to hear that istingtive "MEOW!" at the middle of the night!

You can just imagine me now grinning from ear to ear. Whitie is back in our bed where she belongs!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Teng-Teng Whitie is Missing!

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My cute little two week old kitty cat is missing and I'm sick with worry! I have searched the whole house even pretending to cry like a cat to cajole her to answer back but to no avail. We have already tried talking, cajoling, getting mad at the mother to force her to show up with Whitie but still that's no use! I'm so frustrated and Jay misses her like crazy to. Whitie and her mom Tuki have been sleeping with us since last week and we are treating her like our very own baby. We have to since she is enjured with a big flesh would on her chest which I think was caused by too much lugging arround by her mom who is always moving her to one location to the next. I think what happened here is Tuki tried to lug Whitie back to our house when we put their original crib (with them ofcourse) out of the house since we will be out of the day. Since Tuki can't put Whitie in our room then she put her elsewhere! And elsewhere is proving to be nowhere! Darn that cat! We just miss her so much. And what if Tuki can't find her too and she dies with hunger? Or get lost because she can now crawl her way around? Or get eaten by another animal? We have't sleeped soundly because of this. If I have to get a cat whisperer to get the information out of Tuki then I will! Just to get Whitie back! =(

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A month and so after...

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I've been wanting to blog for sometime now but unfortunately forgot my password. But since I'm feeling more emotional, meaning more irked and irritated, than most days I really searched high and low for the password so I can vent out.

The event we are arranging is not going the way I planned at all! I thought it's gonna be a piece of cake but I guess nothing is JUST a piece of cake these days with the financial crisis and all. The call centers are cutting back even Sykes who is supposed to be one of the most successful centers are weighing their pennies before they can give their precious yes. We have planned so hard and been so dedicated but we are still a little short with teams. And the sponsors are also not giving cash which leaves me feeling dejected.

I hope this day will bear good news. No more bad please! Sykes and CVG, please say yes already!

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