Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How was Typhoon Ondoy Able to Flood the Whole Luzon

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It was the worst the Philippines has ever seen. For the first time in history, the whole Manila area was flooded together with other 14 or so provinces. And not just any flood, flood that will make Noah build his legendary ark. At first I thought my mom was exaggerating when she said she wouldn't be able to go home last weekend because the flood in the Cainta Junction was already 10 feet high. I have never heard such thing so I thought she just feels tired and doesn't want to go home anymore after her meeting that 1pm at Antipolo. I even told her that she has a service to bring her home so that wouldn't be a problem. When she replied in our ym chat that Edsa is also flooded, I replied with a pouty "Ok. Bahala ka." then turned on the TV and tuned in to DZMM at Channel 3. That's when I accepted the hard reality that what my mom was telling me is indeed the awful truth. For 10 hours, the news screamed of pleas of help from stranded victims in their rooftops asking to be rescued, of landslides and flash floods. No one was spared because places that were never affected by floods before were now submerged in water. Electric power was cut in the condo by 1:30PM and my mom kept texting that the water is rising and that she is running out of battery soon. Our condo is located near Ortigas Extension in the Pasig-Cainta area besides the Pasig River. The water rose so high in our unit that it covered the 1st floor destroying the units located there. My mom was also stranded for 2 days with no decent food. Other than that, she is fine.

Ondoy then proceeded to Central Luzon where in stayed in Pampanga to play for a couple of hours. When Ondoy arrived, water in our backyard (a farm) began rising as well as the water in front of our house. Thank god our house is elevated so we need not worry too much about the water in front. What worried us is the accumulating water at the back. When the water got so high years before, it needs an outlet of release thus destroying houses in the process. The first year that happened it destroyed the house extension of our neighbor bringing with it the neighbor's washing machine, car, Tv and other appliances. Two more houses were destroyed the same manner. The next year another neighbor got destroyed. The raging water brought with it parts of the house as well as the fence that seperates it from the other neighbor. Again, another two houses were destroyed the same manner. So this year, we are afraid it will happen to us. After all, weve been spared twice already. But lighting struck somewhere and the poor unfortunate house still has a waterfall in it. That won't stop until the water at the back is all drained.

So why all this destruction? Ondoy was not a super typhoon but it was able to bring Luzon down. I have a few theories:

1. Global Warming

We have been warned this would happen sooner or later and yet we sneer thinking it won't or at least it won't happen until a couple of hundred of years or so. But it is happening. Climate change is happening all over the world and it's all man's fault. The snow caps are melting thus more water to precipitate thus more water to bring down on us. It's a freaking cycle and it's just going to get worse! But man is still oblivious until a few thousands have suffered. We continue to quarry our mountains resulting in landslides like in Montalban, Tanay and Antipolo. We also continue cutting down trees that's why we don't have their roots to help support the mountain soil. I could go on and on but that would be a waste of energy. What we need to do is to remedy this. In our own way, save a tree if you can't plant one. Conserve energy and fuel. Why buy a Hummer if you know it disposes so much smoke that it can clog the air? Etc, etc. Little ways help a lot!

2. Our Garbage Disposal Sucks

When the water subsided in Metro Manila, what was left? Garbage! People throw their garbage everywhere. Garbage that clog the sewers. So when we need these sewers to suck the water, they can't. If we just help by disposing our garbage properly then the water won't get as high as it has been. Even the rivers overflowed because they are now so shallow because of garbage.

So basically what I am saying is this is all our fault. God has not forsaken us; we have forsaken the environment and now it's payback time. I hope that after this catastrophy we now think of ways to remedy the bigger problem. I don't want another Ondoy to happen.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Projects

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I have been busy with my wedding blog projects all long weekend long. I have registered the site to free directories and free traffic sites to up it's traffic. I have also registered it in sites that look for advertisers and so far so good. I've had advertisers but my highest bid is still just $0.30. I have to double my efforts to get at least $1 a day. I will also be writing to local suppliers to offer them my site for their advertising endeavors. I am planning on charging a measly P50/day for starters just to get the ball rolling. If I can get 3-5 suppliers then that can still amount to something, eh?

As for my pet project The Call Center Olympics, I am now busy computing the expenses. So far, one big company has signified to be a media sponsor. I am happy because that really up the chances of getting sponsors who pay money. Hey, the free products are great but I still need cash. =) Plus, it'll be election year next year and I am willing to stoop as low as to get a politician for a co-presentor. The baby will be coming soon and we need all the moolah we can gather. Soon I'll also be unable to do all these stuff so better do all the hadwork now than cram later. Besides, these projects are giving me the energy rush I love.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another Sickness for Me

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We finally went to the ENT doctor last Tuesday when I again secreted blood from my nose. This started when I blew in a tissue last week when I have the colds. Instead of mucus, blood-and lots of it, came out of my nose. I am not so worried since it may just be my mucosa since I have been blowing hard to get rid of the mucus as my pulmonary doctor said when I visited him after a few days for my monthly visit. But it became a worrysome thing when it happened again last Saturday and again last Monday this time with me not even blowing in a tissue. I was just lying in bed reading a book when I felt that I need to release something from my nose. When I did get hold of a tissue lots of blood again came out. The bleeding lasted till the next morning but the blood is not gushing out. It won't come out until I blow in a tissue. That made us worry since the blood might be coming from my lungs. So I finally consented to see a doctor - an ENT doctor as my mom pester me, after my husband gave me a cold shoulder after the incident for being so stubborn and not going to an ENT doctor right after the first incident. And so me, hubby and my dad went to an ENT doctor and was instructed to have a nose colonoscopy. A nose colonoscopy is when they insert this rod rod like instrument in your nose to see its insides. Its uncomfortable as hell and it costs a lot too, much to my annoyance. So the diagnosis is in: I'm abnormal; my veins in the nose are exposed which should be under the skin as a normal person's would. Their exposure made them weak and sensitive and that's what's causing the darn bleeding. I need not worry said the doctor. I just have to spray some steroid up my nose twice everyday together with my inhaler which I also take twice a day. It'll be a cause of worry if I started sprouting blood daily - a tablespoon is enough to cause alarm OR if i suddenly bleed buckets of blood. If that happens then it's an emergency since I might lose a lot of blood if I am giving birth and my nose is joining the raket. So there, another sickness for me. I just hope baby won't be so lucky and get them also like what happened to me - I inherited all of my parents health defects from my dad's seryngoma to my mom's scoliosis and asthma.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dog Culling in China: Another Barbaric Act of the Chinese

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Another barbaric deed of the Chinese happening in this time today is the killing of dogs in one of their cities. Why do they kill them? Because of over population, I gather. But then again, they do this also to dogs with owners who do not meet their specifications. They chase them and beat them senselessly until they die. Now is that the correct way to do it? There's no right way of killing an innocent animal whose only fault is to live in this world but why do these people choose to subject them to more hurt? If it can't be helped, why not just euthanize them? That is the more humane way to do it! I really don't have any respect for the Chinese now. They really don't care who they hurt as long as they make money out of it. Ruthless and barbaric, that's what they are!

Please help in making a stop to this. Please sign the petition here:


This really makes my blood boil.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Please sign!

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Another cause that needs our help:


Please tell everyone you know.

Monday, September 14, 2009

PAWS ADoption Billboard in Edsa

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You are looking at the first PAWS Adoption billboard. Situated in Guadalupe Edsa, the billboard features Karyle and Shoeshine, a rescued dog in Marikina. Isn't she a beauty? I hope a lot of establishments will follow this good example so that a lot of people may be informed that adoption is an option and that animals, even our local cats and dogs, deserve our love and attention. Kudos to Eastwood for sponsoring this billboard! Thank you, thank you!

My Presario is in the Hospital

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My baby laptop is in the hospital. She refused to open up because her hard disk is failing. She is sick and now I'm crippled. I feel so paralized without her especially since I am maintaining a wedding blogsite that I have to update daily. To my readers, a little patience please. We are doing our best to revive her. I am extra worried thou since I bought her in the US and all my drives are there plus my warranty is also there. I pray that she will come back to me this weekend when my mom's "doctors" have alreay taken care of her. This is going to be a long week.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Asthma Nuisance

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Just came from my doctor and the verdict is in: I have to indure the inhaler till I give birth else there's a possibility I won't be giving birth the normal way. Ugh! Why do my asthma has to strike now that I am pregnant?!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Greyhound Racing in the Philippines is NOT Happening

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Our efforts paid off! Greyhound Racing in the Philippines is never going to happen! Hurrah! Thanks to those who voted no and helped spred the word. Special thanks to Senator Jamby and Cardinal Vidal of Cebu who helped. I am oh so happy when I got the email!

House withholds OK from greyhound racing
By Gil C. Cabacungan Jr.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 06:59:00 09/08/2009

MANILA, Philippines - The House of Representatives has agreed to hold in abeyance its approval of a second franchise for greyhound dog racing after animal protection groups prevailed upon the Senate to defer action on the first franchise.
Romblon Rep. Eleandro Jesus Madrona said House members agreed to beat a retreat from his House Bill 4116, which grants a legislative franchise to the Southeast Asia Greyhound Racing Club Inc., even though the bill had been approved on second reading.
Madrona said the House was forced to make the move after seven senators vowed to block the introduction of greyhound racing in the country because it was "immoral" and "cruel to animals."
They were prevailed upon to do so by animal rights groups Philippine Animal Welfare Society, Animal Kingdom Foundation, Feathered Friends, Compassion and Responsibility for Animals, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
The Senate is currently deliberating the first legislative franchise to operate greyhound racing in Mandaue City for Fox New Millennium Amusement Club Inc. (FNMACI), which was approved as HB 5291 by the lower house in December.
Madrona said the House committee on franchises had conducted extensive hearings on the two greyhound racing franchises before they were approved.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Wrestling with a Giant

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My shoulders are still aching from the wrestling match I had with my Rottweiler Alfred last Thursday. I let him out of his cage so he can walk around the house for his much needed excercise. But much to my annoyance, our kittens, who I put in our roof to keep them safe from the giant dog, don't have the sense to stay there. So imagine this giant breed of a dog going in top speed to catch this little kitten. I was in panic and honestly, I didn't really think when I joined in their "battle." I was trying to prevent Alfred from eating my kitten and I put all my efforts in prying him away from the poor thing. He doesn't have a collar so I have to put my arms around his neck to try drag him to his cage which is like 5 meters away. I was close to crying. He is so strong and he refuses to budge his eyes trained on the kitten who is hidding under the table. It took all my strength to drag him to his cage but the darn mutt won't enter his lair! So I have to drag him to our bodega only to have him escape yet again. I finally won the battle when I was able to get hold of him again and ribboned the hose on his neck to hold him. I then grab hold of the scared kitten and toss her inside the house for safety. Only then did Alfred came back to his senses and allowed me to lead him to his cage with a cup of food as bait. Only then did I remember I was pregnant. Good thing, Alfred didn't attack me when I started meddling with him and his "dinner." After the wrestling match, my hubby arrived and was really surprised to see me in this dishieveled form. He said I smelled like the dog. Well, good thing baby is safe after all that activity.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You are Crazy, Woman!

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I was selling mg GC for Boracay because I won't be able to use it anymore. Someone signified that they want to buy it. But instead of just buying the GC and taking care of all the bookings, the supposed buyer asked me to book them already. The GC is for 2 adults and 2 kids and they are 5 adults and 2 kids. Anybody can see the huge discrepancy in the numbers. So accommodating as I was, I did what they asked thinking that it is a sure deal. After all, you don't book something you are not sure of, right? Then all of a sudden she's telling me she'll think about it coz the offer in the other hotel is cheaper. The person who referred her said she might be asking for a discount and after that message from her came the message asking for a discount so I gave it to her. I really am anxious to get the GC off my hands because I need the money for something else. I thought everything is okay already since she asked for specific details and also told me she will deposit the money in my bank Thursday. So imagine my surprise when she told me she is now backing out and will not be taking the GC anymore! Come on! You don't put someone into that much trouble then not end up getting the product! I would have appreciated it if she was upfront from the start - that she is still canvassing. But no, she asked to be booked! That person is a little crazy I tell you!

Amazing Dogs

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Meet Chanel, the world's oldest dog. She recently just past away at the age of 21 or 147 in human years. Such a long life which has been lived with love and caring. Her owners dote on her and she as constantly showered with care and attention. No wonder she lived to be so old.

Here's a picture of Chanel who loves to wear a sweater because it keeps her warm:


On a related note, the world's tallest god, Gibson, has also recently just passed away. Like Chanel, he was also constantly showered with love and attention by his doting owners.

Here's a picture of Gibson:


I wish all animals are as lucky as them.

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