Sunday, June 28, 2009

Heal The World

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Heal the World by Michael Jackson is my last song lately. The song was very popular way back in the 90's and why not? It has a very nice message that inspire people to do good. I am sharing a video of this song here as tribute to the late King of Pop and as a message to everybody. I think it is high time for the song to be remaked.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson's Demise

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Michael Jackson died today of acrdiac arrest - that's the statement that Jackson's camp has issued until the autopsy says otherwise. He was 50 years young. Was really surprised to see the news at today. I didn't expect him to go this early. Goodbye, Jacko. Your contribution to the music industry will be remembered forever.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Confirmation Code

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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Real Picture

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I am chatting with an officemate as of press time regarding the Sarah Geronimo concert last Saturday wherein our Agency will give all the concert goers scholarships. Sarah Geronimo is our Agency's new ambassadress so the game plan is to attend her concerts (10 all in all in the country) and aside from giving away scholarships to all concert goers we will orient them on all the Agency's programs. This will serve as the pre program of the concert. Anyway, I guess I shouldn't be surprised anymore when my officemate told me that almost all concert goers refused to accept the scholarships we were giving away. Let me repeat that: THEY REFUSED THE SCHOLARSHIPS WE WERE GIVING AWAY SAYING THAT THEY DON'T WANT/NEED THE SCHOLARSHIPS. Now this just pisses me off. People are always complaining that the government is not doing enough but they are the one refusing the help. Not to rally behind the government's side but being an insider gave me a lot of new perspective. We can bust our asses here and people will still say that the government is no good. Now here is the real picture (at least the scenario in our Agency):

- We have allocated a lot of budget (as in millions of pesos) to give away scholarships. These scholarships aim to help re-allign the supply and demand of manpower. To put it bluntly, there are a lot of jobs but a few people are only qualified. I can say a lot because of my experience as a manpower supplier for BPOs. Sad fact is we can spend hours interviewing hundreds of people a day and we will be happy if at least 2 make it to the work force. This I can prove by numerous jobfairs I have wasted my energy and saliva on in interviewing people and I tell you, most of the people I have interviewed made me wanna weep!
- Anyway, these scholarships are up for grabs by everybody and anybody who wants them. and is transferable if in case the receipient doesn't want them. The simple requirements are just the taker must be fifteen years old, a Filipino citizen and WILLING to study. We have hundreds of scholarships one can choose from. We even have one in Butchering which by the way is in demand in Australia for five years now.
- Our people, the employees in the Office, are giving their 200% just to implement these programs and still we are having a hard time in having takers. We have advertised thru TV, radio and newspapers and gave away a lot of info materials. We even went to high schools and barangays and gave talks to tell them of these wonderful opportunities. But still, we have a few takers. At least fewer than what we have. And now these events! These events have once again proven what we are lamenting for how many years already: that we can eat fire and die with effort but the Filipino people will still say that we are doing nothing. How sad.

This news quotation from TV Patrol will sum my point. It is about a grandma always off attending rallies against the government:

"Matapos ang rally sa Cha-Cha, tuloy ng umuwi si Lola sa bahay nila sa ilalim ng tulay sa kanyang 19 na anak at mahigit 100 na apo."

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ang Boring na Buhay ni Bibay

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Ang Makulay na Buhay ni Bibay lately is not so well, makulay. My days are spent at home just resting. I may be playing Zeus too on my laptop but that is done while I am propped by many pillows in our bed. So in essence, I am doing zilch, nothing, na-da. This is exactly what I have been afraid of when thoughts of having kids pop in my mind - the change in everything. I have always been an on the go person, always rushing to do stuff and having a lot of things going on for me. And I am afraid that all of these will change when we have kids. Don't get me wrong, I want to have kids but the prospect of it terrifies me and now that we are pregnant I am kinda at a loss. Already so many things are changing: I was not able to go to the Sarah Geronimo concert yesterday to help organize our Agency's event which is also my focalship. I failed to attend our magazine meeting in Makati which also happened yesterday. And I cannot go anywhere! I have to hold the trips to Coco Beach and Boracay (thank gawd the GCs are till next year) and also the other places we planned on going to. My new bikini and sun dress are wasting away in my cabinet and a whole lot of other stuff changing in our lives. I guess I just have to accept things the way they are right now. And I love our baby so I'm sure the sacrifice will be worth it. Now that's me convincing myself. Haha! Don't worry, I'll get this soon enough!

New Look

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Due to nothing better really to do, I changed my layout! Such nice layouts for blogger can be found here. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

House Arrest

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The doctor ordered me to stay in bed for two weeks to stop the bleeding. I already have a lot of things planned on those two weeks! I know I should be resting but no sweat, I will still be rested while doing those things. I just wish the bleeding would stop already so that everything will be back to normal and the baby be safe.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Busy Bee

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A little busy on the social side these past few days thus the lack of blog posts. Days are a whirlwind of activities from my brother's flight for Singapore (The lucky boy got offered a good post without even applying for it. Yey for my brother!), to our visiting my in laws, to us bonding with relatives who recently arrived from the US. So I've got to run now. The day is packed again with activities for the balikbayans. Till my schedule lightens!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kris Aquino's Big and Tactless Mouth

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I hate that ABS CBN put Pinoy Bingo night before SNN for we have to no choice but to watch it due to laziness in changing the channel. You see, my TV is an old one dated circa 1990 when the colored TV was first born so I have no functioning remote. It was a gift from my beloved lolo. That's one of the things I enjoy for being the first grandchild.

Anyhoo, Kris Aquino is starting to get on my nerves. "Bumingo" sya when she commented to Al Tantay and Dick Israel's children that they are nerds on today's show because of where they go to school. Oh-kay...Eric Chua is "wow, matalino!" because he went to Ateneo and Al Tantay and Dick Israel's kids are nerds because they go to UP??! I know that Kris Aquino went to Ateneo so that may be the reason why she said that comment to Eric Chua but she doesn't have to say that insenstitive comment to the kids. I think she is forgetting that in the school rankings in Asia, Ateneo is only a FAR third and UP has always been the premier university in the country. Ateneo used to be second but their standards have fallen so fast that La Salle, who used to be the butt of stupid jokes, has surpassed them starting 1998. She could easily just say matalino if she really means well but she chose the word nerd which we all know has a bad connotation. Be offended when you are called a nerd and that is what I am feeling in this case!

School pride is what is going on here. I hate to be ridiculed by someone not in the position to do it.

Friday, June 5, 2009


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And we are pregnant! Yey! Unfortunately, the baby is in danger...I am slightly bleeding as of typing time. Will visit the doctor Monday if this persists.

Our Mission for Our Furry Friends

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Seeing this poster always makes my heart melt. The kitten is so adorable and looks so helpless and innocent that I just want to hug her! A lot of cats and dogs are abandoned and abused and I am so thankful to have people from PAWS and CARA to help them out. I recently joined both groups and I am doing the best I can to help in their mission. I am tasked to spread their mission to people, since marketing is one of the things I am good at, and this is my first attempt. So far I have also adopted 2 rescued dogs, Matilda and Beau, but I am still waiting for them to finish their rehabilitation. You see, abused animals need a "psychiatrist" too to deal with their traumas. I just hope they get well soon. I am excited to have them already!

Another poster:


Both PAWS and CARA believe that the humane way to stop the overpopulation is to have your pets neutered or spayed or in layman's term kapon. A lot of unwanted kittens are being thrown into the dump all the time. These are creatures with lives and they don't deserve that kind of treatment so it is better to have your pets kaponed than have their young die helplessly out there. Both clinics offer low cost operations or you may ask your vet about it. Please remember that animals, regardless of look and breed, deserve our love and care. Let's all do our share. If you are not an animal lover like me you may also do your part by not torturing or abusing them. We are all God's creation and we should all live in harmony in this world.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Have a Secret

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Well, at least it is still a secret to some. All I'm willing to say here is that it's something very BIG.

More on this soon. I'm still a little quessy. I hope I'm not coming down with something.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wake Up Call

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This statement kept popping up in my mind since I first heard it from a friend.

"Puro ka dating wala ka namang datung."

A lot of people get trapped in this situation. Example, an agent who is supposedly earning more than the minimum is always strapped for cash. Come pay day all he has in his pocket is enough money to get him to the office and the ATM machine. So why is this person who is earning a lot and most of the time even single and has no obligations always strapped for cash? It's because of the statement above my friends. He got so caught up in geting a dating that he is losing all his datung. Why make life hard when it is really simple? Live within your means and enjoy life to the fullest. You don't need to go to Starbucks to bond with your friends. You can easily just stay at home and bond over merienda. Or to enjoy a film, you need not splurge money in iMAX. A simple cinema in SM will do. Seeing the world need not be expensive too. Plan your trips and space them properly. These scenic places won't go anywhere. As for me, this simple sentence has taught me not to eat more than I can chew that I end up working more and more without getting the reward tantamount to my effort. I may have seen it as a sacrifice for greater things to come but as my Mom has put it, the disaster could have a lesser radius that what it has now. Oh, well. Birth pains are esson learned. At least now I know where to concentrate my money, time and efforts.

Please Sign and Spread the Word

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Poor Internet Services Makes Me a Cranky and Bitchy Girl

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For people living in San Fernando, Pampanga, I warn you to not subscribe to Satellite Cable Network's DSL services. This provider has been giving me headaches since day one. Slow and frequent disconnection. Imagine subscribing to 384 kbps and getting only 19 mbps downstream and 06 upstream! See the big discrepancy in figures? And now that I have upgraded to 512 kbps, I am always getting a ping time out! What kind of service is that? I can't even upload pics to my social networking groups! And to top it off, their customer service sucks! I called them again tonight for the nth time to report their services and the only thing they can tell me is that they will report this to their technician and for me to call again tomorrow to follow up which by the way is the same thing they said to me when I called them last night and this morning! What is the use of them telling me to call that number whenever I encounter a problem if there are no technicians to attend to internet concerns? The person who answered my calls claim he is a cable technician and knows nothing about what I am ranting about. I am boiling mad by the time I finished our conversation with, "...oh and btw your customer service sucks!" That company will really get it tomorrow! I am not paying 1,300php/month to get this kind of service and hassle.

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