Monday, January 5, 2009

Goodbye 2008! Hello 2009!

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2008 has been generally a good year for me. A lot of things have happened like I've gotten married for instance! Ah, yes. 2008 is indeed a good and unforgettable year. And I want 2009 to be even better (if that is possibe!). And since I'm a sucker for lists, here's my 2009 list of things to do/accomplish for the new year:

1. get back on track - moneywise

Getting married is very, very expensive! There's no such thing as a simple wedding anymore. Case in point: my bestfriend has gotten married last May and she had her reception in their house. It was supposed to be a simple barrio wedding but it still amounted to P150,00o! Imagine! So you guys can guess how much we spent for our beautiful Fernwood wedding last November. So we need to get on track come February 2009. I can't live in this "poor" state any more! The poorer I get, the more urge I have to spend and spend. So I need to up our earnings. As per computation, we will be out of this in 2 months if we work really hard this January. Lazy bone get out of my system fast!

2. buy a car

3. build our house

4. drum up more business

Well, to afford 2 and 3 we need 4. :) So far we have the Calympics lined up this March, Call Center Jobfair in May and Bridal Fair come August. We are also cooking up more business up our sleeves. Good luck to us!

5. travel

I have tentatively scheduled our long awaited honeymoon this May after the Colympics. Ate Malou, a cuz from the US, will be coming home June with her family and she wants me to play tour guide so I will be seeing a lot of beautiful Philippines this year! Yey!

6. watch my series

Since learning how to convert files to mp4 last year, I have been a series addict. I would convert the files them put them in my iPhone and I have an instant travel companion on my way to and fro work! I have finished CSI Las Vegas so far and also Sex and the City. I intend to watch the following too this year:

a. Bones
b. Law and Order (Special Victims Unit, Criminal Intent, Original Law and Order)
c. CSI New York
d. Shark
e. Charmed
f. Desperate Housewives
g. Monk
h. The Nanny
i. The Practice
j. The X-Files

7. read!!!

Catch up on my Newsweek and Readers Digest subscription! Read Twighlight and all Hayy Potter Books before the movie this July.

8. meet with friends more

My world is my husband and I spend 90% of my time with him. Heck, we are together even if he has to go to the sari-sari store to buy a clove of garlic! So for 2009, I want to see my friends more. But with my husband of course. ;)

Now for the hard part: getting all these done! Happy 2009 everyone!

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