Monday, November 23, 2009

What I am Up To

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I haven't been writing here as much as I want to. I've been juggling loads of things at the same time. Here are what I have been up to lately:

* My pregnancy

Adam is getting really big lately! I'm on my 7th month now is slowly preparing for the birth. We have already bought the major stuff and is soon to buy his clothes. There's this superstition that you can't buy an incoming baby clothes unless he is already 7 months old in the womb. Also, since my mom got that 12K worth of Sm GC and we used it for Adam's things, I am hoping more GCs will be given since it is Christmas. =) But I have been spending a lot of time in the mall lately to walk of my edema/manas. Thank God it's gone now.

* Colympics

I have been sending invites and proposals left and right. So far so good re media and product sponsorships. Hope to hear from the participants soon.

* My Website

I have started inviting suppliers to be advertisers in my website and so far I have 3! Looking forward in having more. =)

* My advocacies

Speaking, I am again asking your help to sign this petition:

It is about a man who threw his dog in the bridge! Imagine the horror the poor dog must have felt. I don't get it why some people are just so cruel. This dog needs justice so please sign. Thank you in advance.

On a more positive news, we have a new dog! We named him Arf Arf like our previous pet. He's such a darling. =)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Pacquiao Weekend

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I am never a boxing fan until Manny Pacquiao came around. Even if I don't want to watch a two people cream each other I HAVE to. HAVE because he is a Filipino and being a Filipino too I want to support him. But every fight converted me into a fanatic and I am not just watching to support him but because I want to. I enjoy his fights so much. What added to my fanaticism is the fact that he is not even a bit arrogant and that is very rare from a man of his ability and stature.

So last Sunday when he fought Cotto I supporting him 100%. I admit I was a bit anxious, not so sure if he can win this or not. I have watched 24/7 Pacquiao VS Cotto the night before and the champ was distracted while Cotto was very focused on his training. Not only that but there was animosity on his camp between his adviser and strength trainer and I was afraid that will bring malas to him. And so I prayed harder for him that night asking God for his win. And God granted my prayers! Combined with his grace and Pacman's ability, he easily won the fight! We were so ecstatic even if we have to watch it just on GMA 7 and endure all the commercials. It really is a very fine day when David once again thwarted another Goliath!

To people's champ Manny Pacquiao, Congratulations! We are so proud of you. We will again be praying for you on your next fight with Floyd(?).

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Late Anniversary Post

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I'm sharing here some photos taken during our Anniversary last November 9. The concept? This is us a year after. =)

Aren't we cute? hehe I don't even look 7 months pregnant. *wink*

On other news, my dog Alfred died that day also. :(( I was really crying like crazy. He was my dog and I love him so much. We were together since he was 2 and half months old. He's a Rottweiler and I really feel safe with him around. Now I feel vulnerable. And every time I see his empty nest I want to cry.

Buhbye my sweet Fred. I am missing you so much!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Loyal Dog Waits for Family

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I was really touched by this:

Dog Builds ‘Nest’ From Injured Family’s Possessions

When Kathy, an animal shelter worker in Tennessee, spotted an emaciated Rottweiler along the side of a highway, she figured the dog was a stray or had been cruelly abandoned there.

But Kathy soon realized that there was something different about “Ella.” Ella was friendly and eager for attention -- behavior that is unusual for either a stray or an abused animal. She had clearly been loved by someone.

There were more clues in the wooded area just off the highway. Kathy discovered a “nest” where Ella had been sleeping. It was strewn with someone’s personal items, including a toothbrush, razor, comb and candle.

Then Kathy remembered something crucial. A few weeks earlier, a terrible car wreck had taken place on the highway…very close to where Ella had made her makeshift home.

Could Ella have been in the car? Was it possible that she had survived the crash and gathered the items thrown from her family’s car? Was she now loyally waiting for someone’s return?

Help Pets Separated From Suffering Families

Kathy’s hunch soon proved true. She contacted the state’s highway patrol authorities and learned that a single car had flipped over and landed on the side of the road near Ella’s “nest.” A family of five had been in the car. Some members had been hospitalized, but they all survived.

Rescuers had never seen Ella, who had likely been thrown from the car. The dog foraged on her own for a few weeks, drinking from a drainage ditch and patiently waiting for beloved family members who thought their special pet was dead!

American Humane stepped in when we learned that the family’s medical bills had caused tremendous financial strain. Unfortunately, the family had moved to a home that did not allow pets. We provided a critical grant to Kathy’s animal shelter to help fund Ella’s care.

Though unable to bring Ella back into their home at this time, the family was thrilled to see her and hopes to be reunited for good in the future. Meanwhile, Ella is living safely and comfortably in a loving foster home.

Minsan buti pa ang alaga...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Let's Join Hands in Fighting Global Warming

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Just want to share this oh so important video.

Also, please visit the site Fight Global Warming. It's high time we get educated.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


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Ah, November! Signal of so many things: Christmas, long cations with the family and of course our Anniversary! We will soon be celevration one year of marital bliss this November 9! Yey! But since I am on the way, we can't travel. :( Bummer. Oh well. I bought already accomodations paman to Boracay/Palawan and we can't use it. Maybe next year? We'll see. So we will be celebrating the day by just being together. Maybe sleep till noon, watch a movie and have dinner. Simple yet special.. Can't wait! :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jay Adam

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Finally I am able to scan Baby Jay Adam's ultrasound results and photos. Here they are:

It's a boy!

Jay Adam's close up shot

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Colympics 2010 Concerns

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We started inviting for the Colympics already starting with the media sponsors. So far so good in that area.

Yesterday, I started sending out the invites for the participants starting with AIG, Trancsom, ePLDT Ventus and GCS International.
Imagine my surprise and irritation when I got a regrets email from Ventus.

Ventus! But they are our champion in Women's Volleyball! So why?!

I emailed their VP but no answer yet as to why. I'm starting to worry. Is this a bad omen?

Our Baby is...

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We finally had that ultrasound.


So Jay Adam it is!

So excited! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Irritating Monday Morning

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Early morning and my mood is shot.

My office computer is in dire need for an upgrade so my boss gave me permission to ask for a new memory. But last Friday, my computer conked out and it won't start. The computer technician said that my hard disk is having a hard time starting up so aside from the memory I now need a new hard disk. And so I gave our supply officer the specs of the two computer parts last Friday.

Just a few minutes ago, supply officer cam to me to pester me what kind of memory I would be needing. Memory card daw ba. Duh. Memory cards are for cameras not for computers. And since I gave him the specs already, I do not see why he is pestering me for this information. Also, he is insisting that memory and hard drive are just one and the same which is way not! I am having this feeling that he just doesn't want to buy me a these parts! Why I say so? I also have this outstanding request, which already has a purchase order signed by the Regional Director, to buy me a new computer chair since mine is busted. It has been 3 wks already and not chair has been purchased. My back is killing me which is being aggreviated by the fact that I am pregnant. I came to office today to find it totalled so I have no chair to use. Good thing my offiidn't go to the office today so I can use her chair. But what about tomorrow? Hay, pati ba naman sa loob meron paring red tape?!

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