Monday, October 12, 2009

Irritating Monday Morning

Posted by SwitSexyThing at 9:43 AM
Early morning and my mood is shot.

My office computer is in dire need for an upgrade so my boss gave me permission to ask for a new memory. But last Friday, my computer conked out and it won't start. The computer technician said that my hard disk is having a hard time starting up so aside from the memory I now need a new hard disk. And so I gave our supply officer the specs of the two computer parts last Friday.

Just a few minutes ago, supply officer cam to me to pester me what kind of memory I would be needing. Memory card daw ba. Duh. Memory cards are for cameras not for computers. And since I gave him the specs already, I do not see why he is pestering me for this information. Also, he is insisting that memory and hard drive are just one and the same which is way not! I am having this feeling that he just doesn't want to buy me a these parts! Why I say so? I also have this outstanding request, which already has a purchase order signed by the Regional Director, to buy me a new computer chair since mine is busted. It has been 3 wks already and not chair has been purchased. My back is killing me which is being aggreviated by the fact that I am pregnant. I came to office today to find it totalled so I have no chair to use. Good thing my offiidn't go to the office today so I can use her chair. But what about tomorrow? Hay, pati ba naman sa loob meron paring red tape?!

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