Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pepeng, Ondoy and Baby

Posted by SwitSexyThing at 6:08 PM
Okay, here I am attempting to write a blogpost using my netbook. It's gonna be a taxing experience but I have to get the hang of it, right? Anyway, here it goes.
Pepeng is still in the house! Can you believe it? It is only now that I have teard of a typhoon going out of a country, making a U-turn then staying for almost a week now. It must be an unprecedented event. Another proof of global warming. He and Ondoy makes a good tandem. The places that Ondoy "forgave," Pepeng ravished. I dunno how we can get out of this one. I am anxious to start making changes but everybody is still busy surviving. My relatives in Pangasinan were badly hit by the floods yesterday. One evacuated already. As of press time we still don't have any news on their situation since their fones' batteries are already dead because there's no power in the area.
On another topic, I am now 23 weeks pregnant today! Been to the doctor and she gave me the go to have my ultrasound thgis Monday. Can't wait!

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