Monday, October 5, 2009

Bibay the Environmentalist

Posted by SwitSexyThing at 9:31 AM
A lot of projects have been going through my mind eversince Typhoon Ondoy has ravanged the Philippines. Drastic movements shall be made so as to save the planet and thus ourselves. I have always been an environmentalist at heart. Heck, there was even a time I wanted to be one. Unfortunately, we don't have that in the Philippines. So I decided to be something else but I still never abandoned my save the planet ways and now Mother Earth needs me more than ever. If only I am not pregnant I could start right away but since I am. concrete ways have to wait. But planning can start now! I have already came up with a few ideas:

1. Conduct tree planting activities every now and then.

I have a lot of friends who will go along with this one. Seedlings are FREE at DENR, everybody should know this fact to take advantage of it so a tree planting activity is cost free.

2. Create events that will give awareness

My friend Leah gave me a good one that is even related to my current Wedding Blog project. Why not plant a tree for every couple that is getting married! I am sure with the help of other suppliers a lot of couples will go along with this.

3. Lobby for platic-less society

A friend from PAWS suggested this and I think he is correct. Since the event is still fresh and elections are just around the corner, we should push Senate to come up with this law that will order establishments to use paperbags instead of plastic. SM is already doing this every Wednesday. We should compel ALL establishments to do the same.

4. Coordinate with DepED and Sate U's to educate the kids

Instead of spending their free time and NSTP doing "nothing," why not educate them on the global warming and its effects. But educating kids is not enough. They should practice what they learn to really inculcate the message. Practical exams will therefore be tree planting activitoes, clean up activities and other save the Earth activities. While we are at it, why not educate them also on animal rights? Now that's hitting two birds in one stone!

I'm sure I will come up with more just give me time. For the meantime, I will be maintaining a site to help promote the salvation of the environment. That will keep me busy while waiting. I will also continue fund raising WWF and having them talk at the our Colympics. We should all do what we can. This will only get worse people!

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