Monday, November 23, 2009

What I am Up To

Posted by SwitSexyThing at 9:30 AM
I haven't been writing here as much as I want to. I've been juggling loads of things at the same time. Here are what I have been up to lately:

* My pregnancy

Adam is getting really big lately! I'm on my 7th month now is slowly preparing for the birth. We have already bought the major stuff and is soon to buy his clothes. There's this superstition that you can't buy an incoming baby clothes unless he is already 7 months old in the womb. Also, since my mom got that 12K worth of Sm GC and we used it for Adam's things, I am hoping more GCs will be given since it is Christmas. =) But I have been spending a lot of time in the mall lately to walk of my edema/manas. Thank God it's gone now.

* Colympics

I have been sending invites and proposals left and right. So far so good re media and product sponsorships. Hope to hear from the participants soon.

* My Website

I have started inviting suppliers to be advertisers in my website and so far I have 3! Looking forward in having more. =)

* My advocacies

Speaking, I am again asking your help to sign this petition:

It is about a man who threw his dog in the bridge! Imagine the horror the poor dog must have felt. I don't get it why some people are just so cruel. This dog needs justice so please sign. Thank you in advance.

On a more positive news, we have a new dog! We named him Arf Arf like our previous pet. He's such a darling. =)

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