Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kris Aquino's Big and Tactless Mouth

Posted by SwitSexyThing at 10:07 PM
I hate that ABS CBN put Pinoy Bingo night before SNN for we have to no choice but to watch it due to laziness in changing the channel. You see, my TV is an old one dated circa 1990 when the colored TV was first born so I have no functioning remote. It was a gift from my beloved lolo. That's one of the things I enjoy for being the first grandchild.

Anyhoo, Kris Aquino is starting to get on my nerves. "Bumingo" sya when she commented to Al Tantay and Dick Israel's children that they are nerds on today's show because of where they go to school. Oh-kay...Eric Chua is "wow, matalino!" because he went to Ateneo and Al Tantay and Dick Israel's kids are nerds because they go to UP??! I know that Kris Aquino went to Ateneo so that may be the reason why she said that comment to Eric Chua but she doesn't have to say that insenstitive comment to the kids. I think she is forgetting that in the school rankings in Asia, Ateneo is only a FAR third and UP has always been the premier university in the country. Ateneo used to be second but their standards have fallen so fast that La Salle, who used to be the butt of stupid jokes, has surpassed them starting 1998. She could easily just say matalino if she really means well but she chose the word nerd which we all know has a bad connotation. Be offended when you are called a nerd and that is what I am feeling in this case!

School pride is what is going on here. I hate to be ridiculed by someone not in the position to do it.

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Ted Teodoro on June 10, 2009 at 11:32 PM said...

I share your disappointment. My son, right now, attends what is considered the best school in America but that doesn't make him a nerd. Yes, nerd is a definite putdown and I think it has been liberally applied to people who have genuine intellectual interests. As a Filipino, I am quite aware of how we quickly label someone as " matalino. " Well, what does that really mean? Usually, it means that he/she gets high grades and attends a brand name school. Well, there are people who do well in exams and religiously do homework but that should not necessarily mean high intelligence. Some people are just diligent. I work for a research library, and I meet many people who graduated from very different schools and who have attained an education at varying levels. I can tell you that it is what they say ( a refelction of their thought processes ) that is a better measure of their intelligence than the diploma they hold.


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