Tuesday, July 21, 2009


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I received again an email about an abused animal. This time, poor Murphy (the name of the dog) was dragged for 1.5 kilometers from a pick up truck by its owner! Good thing Murphy survivied but his owner only got a fine of R1,500. The injustice! Intend to kill and get a fine. Tsk. Also, why the hell is he being dragged in the first place? For fun? That is not how a sane human being thinks! Is the world really over populated by cruel beings? Why do you have to inflict pain knowingly to others? I can't really fathom the answer to this one. I will just pray for Murphy just like I pray for the cats and dogs in China who are victims of the fur trade.

Speaking, I just had an inspiration yesterday while going home from work. I was reading Newsweek and it occurred to me to write to Newsweek and Reader's Digest as well for them to cover the fur trade in China. I hope they will pick up the story. Everyday that passes by is a wasted day for this cause.

I was also very sadden yesterday while looking at the old trees that lined up the roads of my hometown. DENR has just given permission to DPWH to have them cut down for road widening. These trees are way older than I am and they give shade and clean the air in these roads that they cover. I just can't help thinking that their days are now numbered and soon I will go out of the office and see them cut down already. Some of the trees have already been cut down and it really pains me to see their deep roots now being unearthed for this road widening project. The distrcution we do to nature to continue with progress. I vowed to sponsor a tree planting activity in our org to help make up for this at least.

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