Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Asthma Attacks...Again!

Posted by SwitSexyThing at 10:37 AM
I have been absent in the blogging world for a long time mainly because I got sick. I had fever and coughing and up till now the coughing is plaguing me that's why yesterday I finally went to the doctor. I wouldn't have done so if my Mom didn't pester me to do so and she did that because I am pregnant. In our family, coughing, even if it takes a few weeks, is considered normal and we don't really bother ourselves by going to the doctor. But since the baby is involved...well, you know what they say about grandparents. Anyway, I was diagnosed again with asthma. I've had asthma bronchitis since I was in high school when coughing plagued me for a month or so. But after being diagnosed, we just assumed it went away since I thought I am not experiencing the symptoms. Guess I was wrong big time and my asthma stayed with me and attacking me on and off for the past ten years without me knowing. So now I have to carry that pesky inhaler, which by the way costs so much even with the 30% discount card the doctor gave me, and look like a nerd. The doctor said the relief will come in two weeks. So before the two weeks are up I will still be coughing and wheezing like crazy. I just wish our baby won't be too rattled by the noise or the disturbance. I'm not worrying about the inhaler affecting the baby; doctor promised us it is safe to use and will be absorbed by my lungs as soon as I puffed it in my mouth.

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