Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Birthday and Yesterday

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First of all, thank you to those who greeted me a happy birthday last Thursday.

It was an uneventful day. Just want to spend some quiet time with my Beb and to of course just laze the day away since I am still so tired from the past few weeks of having no weekends. So we slept till noon and went to SM Pampanga in the afternoon to eat and watch a movie. It has been a long time since we had a movie date. We watched Wolverine. It was such a nice film: action packed and no gap in the script. The stunts are very nice too,thou Jay said there were some diviations from the original story it still came out good. To cap my day, we had dinner, me, Jay and my Dad, at our fave sisig place Mely's. The place is like trash but the food is so good that it is always full even on weekdays.

And oh, this is what my Beb got me for my birthday:

beedle the bard

Love it!

May 15 is our agency's event in SM Pampanga. As expected, it was not as organized as it should be given that it is only this week that everythingn got finalized. So the lines are long, the people are not really there for the event's purpose and the agreed space was not followed thus resulting to a very tight space that makes me want to throw up. Of course, the nausea can be partly blamed to the fact that I am not feeling well. Stress has finally caught up with me and I had a fever going by last night. Anyway, yesterday SM Pampanga was brought into chaos as gunshot(s) were heard fired inside the mall. Yep, gunshot(s). I was inside Starbucks that time with a friend resting and drinking tea when we saw hoards of people running for the exit so we didn't actually hear the shot(s). Apparently, a celphone snatcher got caught in the act by the guard and apprehended him but unfortunately, the snatcher has gotten hold of the guard's gun and shot him. No word yet as to the guard's condition but the pandemonium has caused a participant of ours to be brought to the hospital. She has been caught in the stampede and couldn't walk. So at 4 o'clock or so we were forced to shut down our event since no employers are still there by that time. Freaky, eh? It is a provincial mall! I don't think such incident ever happened in a Manila mall. No place is quiet anymore.

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