Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Kitties and Hayden Kho

Posted by SwitSexyThing at 10:03 PM
One of the kittens I brought home to be fostered by our cat died yesterday of what I suspect of heat stroke. The foster mom brought them to our bodega. Good thing I managed to save the other one by giving water and massaging her body with a wet towel. Unfortunately, that kitten died today. Again, the foster mom brought them to the bodega.

It's like the novel of Agatha Christie 10 Little Indians. Everyday there's a dead body till everybody is dead in the end. One kitten dies each day. I hope today is the last day I find a kitten dead.

The whole country is ablaze over the Hayden Kho with whoever scandal. First it was Katrina Halili then next Maricar Reyes (the actress who played the first love of Armando at Betty La Fea) then the Samba model. Of all three, Marical Reyes has my sympathy. Why? Well, she was in a realationship with the bastard when that happened! They were doing couple stuff which was savagely violated by the perversity of her boyfriend. He supposedly love her the time that video was filming. I even saw a copy wherein the video seems to zoom. Is there another person in the room then? And even if for instance she knew she was being filmed, posting the video on youtube is a violation of trust and respect. They have a one year history. Hayden the bastard should have respected that.

As for Katrina, that's karma for her. Messing with a commited man; a man who was commit that time with a friend. Her lust got the better of her and now nature says its payback time. Too bad other people got into the mess with her.

I'm still missing Teng Teng so much. :(

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Anonymous said...

you might not like katrina halili that much, but she's also a victim of kho. don't ever forget that. yes, she jumped into bed with a committed man, but it's mean of you to say "it's payback time" for her. what do you know about the whole mess, really? nothing, right, except for what YOU'VE read and what YOU'VE seen in the news. so leave the poor girl alone, she's suffering already. she doesn't need another one like you smirking at the trouble she's gotten herself into.


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