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The Eraserheads Final Set and Francis M.

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March 6 and 7, 2009 proved to be days to remeber in the history of Philippine music as the King of Philippine Rap took his last breath on the 6th and the country's primier band the Eraserheads took the stage once more and performed together as a group on the 7th.

Good Bye Francis M.

I personally cannot believe this news the first time I saw it on Multiply. Kiko, as Francis M. is also known to many, is vibrant and full of life. Even if he has been diagnosed with a rare kind of blood cancer, he is still active in the music scene. In fact, he recently formed a new band with his good friend Ely Buendia and started recording late last year. It was a short life for Francis M. but full of meaning as he open the Filipinos eyes to a new genre of music. I always liked him as a performer and loved all the songs he has released especially Kaleidoscope World which has a profound and deep meaning that can be appreciated by everyone no matter what age.

To the King of Philippine Rap, thank you for your genius. You will sorely be missed!

The Eraserheads Final Set Concert: A Huge Success

Fans of all ages gather in the SM Mall of Asia last March 7 to witness the Eraserheads' Final Set Concert. Me, Jay and my brother bear were so excited to be part again of this piece of history in the Philippine Music Industry. As for me, I have been a big, big fan of the group since I was 13 years old. I watched all their concerts in Pampanga and went to our local radio station just to talk to them before their gigs and have their authographs. I have all their albums, know all their songs by heart and even have a copy of their special ed magazine, The Pill Box. I just love them to death so missing their big concert was never an option. I will watch come hell or high water! Unfortunately, we were unable to score VIP tickets unlike last time when Marcus himself gave me 4 big ones so we have to settle ourselves in the Silver A box because my Mom won't forgive us if we got VIP or Gold tickets (which were P5,000 and P3,000 respectively.) Anyway, everything was oh so worth it! The guys played better than ever and they playedso many songs to the delight of the audience. In my estimate, they played a total of 40-50 songs! And the Eheads surprised the crowd by playing 3 more songs (Ligaya, Sembreak and Toyang) after they have ended the concert and did a group hug! Yey! I'm predicting another reunion concert brewing up! OR, the group getting back together! They played 40-50 songs and they are still bitin? If that's not an epifany I dunno what it is!

Surprises of the evening include:

1. Raymund fronting songs Alcohol and Insomia to name a few;
2. Marcus fronting Wag Mo nang Itanong; and
3. The group playing Super Proxy as a tribute to Francis M. Kiko sang the original rap version of the song in their album Cutterpillow. They also sang the chorus of Kaleidoscope World again for Francis M.

Anyway, here are pictures of Francis Magalona with Eraserheads frontman Ely Buendia:

francis and ely
Francis M and Ely Performing on stage

francis m and ely b
Good Friends Kiko and Ely in a picture depicting their friendship

***pictures from www.francismagalona.multiply.com

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