Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My New Fave Show: The Bachelor An Officer and A Gentleman

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A haven't been a big fan of reality shows. For some reason I hate having a show to follow and the sense of being lost when you miss an episode. For this reason I haven't been a big fan of Survivor, The Amazing Race or even Pinoy Big Brother like most people I know. But for some reason, maybe the chismosa in me, I got hooked in watching The Batchelor: An Officer and a Gentleman in ETC. Like the previous The Bachelor shows, this one is still about a single man looking for the woman of his dreams. The show will culminate with a proposal and hopefully a happy ever after marriage. I enjoy watching Andy, the dashing Navy Leutenant, charm the women and try his best get to know them but all through out the show me and Jay have our eyebrows up in skepticism. For one, we don't believe that you can have that many connection with a number of women at the same time. Maybe that's the monogamous spirit in me talking but I believe that you can only like-like one person at a time and being in like with that many women at the same time is fishy. I don't think he is being genuine. In the morning he is telling this woman he really likes her and he can see a future with her and in the afternoon he is saying almost the same spiel to another one. Huh? Second, I know they are Americans and they have different dating behavious than us Filipinos but is it necessary to kiss, hug and hold hands with all those women? It made us think he is there for the free chansing. And third, can you really look for real love in a TV series wherein you only have a short period of time to get to know one another? I don't think so.

But in the end I still feel excited to watch who may end up with Andy. I'm still rooting for Tessa, the dark haired girl who we suspect to have Filipino blood which got stronger when we saw her mom in yesterday's episode, but she kinda acts weird when she's with Andy. I feel she is not acting her natural self maybe because she is trying to control her feelings. Jay thinks Andy will pick Bevin because they look, well, in love with each other. At least I think Bevin is really in love with Andy. Next week, the show will show Andy with the three remaining women (Amber got booted out last night. See! He is lovey dovey with her, kissing her passionately and embracing her then he booted her out!) in Hawaii and in the end he will choose one to propose to. That's gonna be a real "Ouch!" to the other two women and really "entertaining" to us audience.

Here's the dashing bachelor Andy:

andy, the bachelor

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