Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 28 is fast approaching!

Posted by SwitSexyThing at 11:45 AM
March 28 is fast approching and we are super busy these past few days. March 28 will be the much awaited opening of the 1st Call Center Olympics that our company Popcorn Events Production has produced and organized. We are so, so excited about this project since it will be our biggest project to date. We are just sad that we weren't able to get as many sponsors as we are hoping for. It is only in that aspect that I have felt there really is a financial crisis. Even call centers are cutting back expenses even if they are making million of pesos in just one month for only one account!

Anyhoo, aside from the adrenaline rush the event is giving me I am also busy day dreaming about the things and conveniences our income from this event will bring us. I am just aiming to spend it on three things:

1. Finally pay my mom the money I borrowed to start a venture;
2. Go to Palawan for my birthday/our honeymoon;
3. Buy a SLR camera (still dunno if I want a Canon or a Nikon).

Coco Beach from Puerto Galera also emailed me yesterday wanting to sponsor our event by giving gift certificates. I'm hoping for a vacation in Pureto galera in the horizon now too.

I'm so looking forward to the Colympics next year. We have learned a lot from the first one that we are hoping that next year would be a little easier for all of us. Also, the event would have gotten mileage by then making it easier to get sponsors. But for now we are still hoping Cebu Pacific would come around and give us free tickets to Boracay or Cebu! That would be really awesome!

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