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Fair Weather Friends are sooo Damn Easy to Find

Posted by SwitSexyThing at 11:42 AM
Fair weather friends: Friends that are only there when they need something from you but are never, never, NEVER there when you need them.


1. You are in a hospital for an operation. All your other friends came to visit except FWF. Her excuse? She's very busy. FWF factor: The hospital you are confined in is just across her office building. After a few weeks, you find your phone always ringing because FWF is always calling you up. The reason: She is asking every question she can think of to land the same scholarship that you have. I thought she is busy? So why the every two minute phone call?

2. You are interrupted by phone calls and incessant text messages that always happen in the most unusual hours because everytime you are needed by FWF he doesn't care even if it's the middle of the night to ring/text you up. FWF factor: When it's your turn to ask for a favor or even to invite FWF to a party/event that is important in your life, your phone calls and text messages go unanswered. Even if the event is at the same vicinity/compound as FWF's work is (Meralco Compund), he still can't spare a minute for his "dear" friend.

The second FWF irked me the most because as of press time, he has the gall to get angry at me and hubby for asking something that belonged to us which is a taco used for billiards. You see, this taco is very important since this was given by hubby's ate in Saudi. FWF borrowed it last year and gauging from the months that went by has no intentions of giving it back soon. He has a history of borrowing things from hubby and not giving it back like the time hubby was "borrowing" slacks from him only to find out that the slacks he was "borrowing" was his in the first place. FWF didn't give it back for two years. And what's irksome is, he didn't acknowledge that he just borrowed it from Jay. He let his mom believe that Jay was the one borrowing the slacks. Hmp. I actually don't need it the darn taco, as I have mentioned in the demand text I sent him. I just want it back because I really got so mad at the thought that hubby was contacting him since December to 1. invite him to our company's gig last Christmas 2. invite him to come with us as we visit one of their close friends from college 3. invite him to Nanay's birthday celebration 4. invite him to w@w's anniversary party since he was supposedly getting married and finally 5. to ask for his support as we open the Colympics last March 28 which happened at Meralco where he just happens to work. I just hate the thought that Jay is lookinng like a fool as he call and text him incessantly and he doesn't even have the curtesy to answer the darn call or text back a reply. And I won't accept the excuse that he doesn't have celfone load because we are using Sun Cellular because that's his celphone provider and we all know for a fact that Sun has unlimited call and text so if he really wants to call us and text us he can very well do so for it's for FREE. He switched to Sun so that he can contact his girlfriend, whom I really don't like because of her social climbing tendencies. The ironic thing in that scenario is I wrote the stupid love letters this guy gave to her to win her over. Yuck, if only I've known what kind of girl she is and what kind of guy Jay's friend really is then I wouldn't have lifted a finger to help them get together. Anyway, I've had enough! This guy has been using us for quite some time now and I want to get back even just a little and the last thing he borrowed from us is that taco where he called Jay like 10:30PM to tell him he went to their house to borrow that thing but he wasn't there and Jay was not answering his text messages because as usual Jay was so busy to reply back and so he decided to call him up even if it's late at night and Jay and I are both ready to retire in our bed. Such consideration eh just to get what he wants. So I texted him this last Sunday: "Ey. Paki soli na yung taco ni Jay within the week kelangan na kasi namin sa Colympics." (I didn't put thanks and why would I?" As usual, no reply from him so come Wednesday I texted him again this: "Ey, nasoli mona ba yung taco?" to which the fool replied (to our surprise because he actually replied): "Sensya na ha. Isasauli kona!" Notice the exclamation point? But I didn't put any meaning to it because I never pegged him as someone who knows his punctuation marks and I don't think there is something offending in my text messages. After all, I phrased my messages politely and isn't the taco ours to demand? But apparently, he was indeed mad as Nanay told us how rude he was with her when we handed back the taco he borrowed from us eons ago.

Can you believe this guy?

I dunno what kind of values he has for being the way he is. He was known to be only there when his girlfriends break up with him. The last time he was single, he hanged out with me and Jay like a leech and when he got a girlfriend he was no where to be found except when he needs something. He was also known to be really matampuhin to things that he doesn't have the license to make tampo in the first place like the time he was borrowing wedding money from their rich friend (he was actually borrowing 300K coz that's the demand of the social climber girl friend else she'll break up with him which she did for 3 weeks) and when their friend didn't lend him the money he got mad and never talked to their friend again! He is that irrational! And so I am so mad at him now. So mad that I'm glad that he is mad at us so that he won't bother us again. People like that should be ditched. They are emotional vampires, sucking positive energy out of people. They are always taking and taking and when they don't have anything to take anymore, they drop you like a hot potato. Now who needs anybody like that? Definitely not us! So Jerome, goodbye! And please know that the only reason I still agreed to invite you in our wedding is so that I can rub to your faces what you can't afford and what you cannot have! Dream on!

2 comments on "Fair Weather Friends are sooo Damn Easy to Find"

carlamaldita on April 10, 2009 at 10:57 PM said...

nakakainit naman ng ulo yang guy na yan! sobra na sya ha! ...at naku mangungutang ng pera pangkasal! grabe! parang naghiram lang sya ng bente pesos kung makapagtampo sya ah!


SwitSexyThing on April 11, 2009 at 12:11 AM said...

sinabi mo sis nakakainis sya talaga lalo na pag kami nagtetext sa kanya deadma tapos pag sya tawag ng tawag tapos text ng text! umiinot ulo ko sa kanya. and di ba napaka social climber ng couple na yan?! sabi nga nun inuutangan dapat iwan sa kanya yung abbae na deposito if papahiramin nya ng 300K.


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