Monday, April 13, 2009

On Love and Sharing

Posted by SwitSexyThing at 12:05 PM
In a world where almost everybody is jaded and selfish, it is so refreshing to watch a story about a love that is so strong that is has conquered a lot of boundaries.

I was holed up in my mother-in-law's house last Saturday and I have nothing to do but watch TV. Jay is sleeping at the floor in a mat beside the sofa I was reclining in. I just finished watching the TV Marathon of Santino/My Bukas Pa and unlike Jay I am still not sleepy so I decided to watch Maalaala Mo Kaya. I was so touched by the story that I was misty eyed (yah, misty eyed only. I hate crying; I hate drama. Haha!) all through out the show. You see, the girl was sick (played by Jodie Sta. Maria) and has only 6 months to live actually, but that didn't stop the boy (played by Baron Geisler) to love her with all his heart. So powerful is his love that he believed that the girl will surpass her 6 months taning. He prayed to God so hard daily to lengten the life of his beloved and God did! They ended up getting married (He married her on before the 6 month taning is up. Such faith!) and having 2 children. Hubby doesn't want to have children at first since the doctor said she is not totally cured and she can end up dead but the the woman insisted and because it will make her happy, hubby consented. It was so touching and heartwarming to know that such man and such love exist! It trully is a miracle of love, this story, and perfect for the Holy Week. I know I'll be telling this story over and over again especially to singletons out there that are moaning and losing hope that the man for them is still out there. I was trully insipred!


I was writting this piece when an outburst of some sort caught my attention. Some officemate of mine is having a tirade for having received a solicitation letter from UNICEF. In his words (translated to Tagalog since it was said in Kapampangan): "Bakit naman ganun? (referring to the letter he received) Lahat ba tayo me ganito? Yiiii!" Sabay hampas ng letter ng UNICEF sa table nya. Another co-worker seems to be in agreement with him thou not expressing in verbally. I can just see her agreeing eyes.

I was in total disbelief. Are these people for real? I mean, you don't have to give if you don't want to. But to have a tirade over it? Oh, man! ANG DAMOT NYO! I can't help but retort: "UNICEF yan, international org na tumutulong sa mga tao. Buti naman nagbigay sila ng ganyan para makapagbigay tayo. Balak ko talaga magbigay. Nagbibigay talaga ako sa mga ganyan. Wala lang, para makatulong naman diba? Di ka naman magugutom sa magkano na ibibigay mo."

That shut them up. The guy who was so irked by the letter walked out of the office.

What has this world come to? Are we that materialistic and unkind that we are unwilling to help others? That we are even outraged to their reaching out to us? What gets me the most is that these people are such braggarts - always bragging about their new stuff and where they have eaten and gone to. They are showing others that they have money to spend. So howcome they shut up when they have to shell out a measly amount to help someone?!

Two such different posts, eh? The irony of the world.

2 comments on "On Love and Sharing"

carlamaldita on April 22, 2009 at 9:20 AM said...

tama ka. ang damot nga nila! wala namang pilitan yan ah. magbigay ka kung gusto mo.pero kung ayaw mo eh di wag..sobra naman yung mga yun!

SwitSexyThing on April 22, 2009 at 9:31 AM said...

sobra talaga. nakakainis. diko na gano kinakausap yun ngayon. turn off ako sa ugali nya. galit talaga sya dun sa solicitation letter. pero kung makapagyabang ng kung ano ano kala mo ke yaman eh clerk lang naman.


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