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Response to Those Defending the Cat Murderer

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A member of Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA) has written this piece as response to those people who are defending the cat murderer. I'm reporting it here since I agree with her 100%.


Compassion for Animals

I am deeply bothered and angered by the actions, attitude and frame of mind of Joseph Carlo Candare who killed the kitten at UP Diliman and the people who are defending his torture and cruelty to animals. But my anger will not do anything, so I decided to write this letter to try to enlighten you to the side of the Animal Welfare Advocates. I feel that I might be one of those people who have the right to say something about this because I was once had no love for animals and I do understand where you are standing right now, because I once stood there too. I never condoned the torturing of animals, even as a child, but I too was indifferent to their suffering for the majority of my life.

Our Rights and Power

There is no doubt, that we are the most powerful and the most intelligent being on earth. The fact that we dominated the earth and all the living creatures in it, is a very clear proof, we earned the right to be here and dominate this world. One does not need to rely on Biblical annotation to know this.

We made changes to this world, we continue to advance, whether for the better or for worse, our own welfare should be first. Every place we go to, we conquer, and everytime we do, other creatures lose their homes.

For those of you who will argue using the Bible:

In the Bible, Genesis 1:29, Humans and Animals were suppose to be Vegetarian, that is how God wanted it to be. But on Genesis 9 God made a covenant with Noah, giving us humans the right over all the animals. The reason why God gave mankind the power over all animals is because of Noah's effort to save the animals from the great flood. It wasn't given to him for nothing, He took responsibility and because of this, he was fit to rule them, he has earned that right.

As the ruler of this world, how do you wish to rule those who are under you? Is cruelty, senseless killing and torture your answer? Be very scared, because if you believe in God, then we too are in the exact same position as the animals, we too are under Someone elses mercy (God), and we will not want God to be doing the same to us. We have read the Bible, it is through our responsibility that Power was given to us over the animals.

If you happen to believe in God, how can you expect mercy from Him? How can you expect mercy from the master if you as a master have no mercy? Matthew 18:23-35

Just as what the movie Spiderman says, With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.

Like I said before, I once stood where you are standing right now, I do not expect you to share the same passion with the Animal Welfare Advocates, just as I do not share the same passion with the "Tree Huggers". I do not have to share their passion to know that what they are doing is noble. I do not cry when a tree is cut down, but I do not pass by a tree and just start cutting them and kicking them. What will be the purpose? I have no moral conflicts with killing animals for food but PLEASE do not defend cruelty as it is a whole different story. It has absolutely no place in a civilized society who understand that each one of us, including the animals deserves compassion from those who have the power. At one point in your life, you were under someone else's mercy, you should understand that this is the position each one of us, including your family and all your loved ones have to face in this life. Lucky for us we have laws that protect us, lucky for us we have a voice, and have the ability to say what we have in mind and what we feel. When the tables turn around and you are on the side that seeks mercy, do not expect for it if you cannot give mercy to those who are under yours.

Do you really wish to live in a society where there is no protection for the weak, and cruelty is widely accepted? Come on, think about it, you are not Bill Gates nor the President of the United States or the Philippines, and even if you are, do you think you will never ever need mercy?

For those who say "it's just a stupid cat", please remember that we Filipinos were once considered "stupid Indios" by the Spaniards, we were treated the same way you treat animals now. We were called "stupid Indios" and mistreated for the same reason you mistreat animals and call them stupid. It was because we didn't have the same technology, advancement and Power the Spaniards had. We fought for our rights, but without the help of those who have the power, those who were strong enough to stand up for us, without their COMPASSION, we will still be considered "stupid Indios" up to this moment.

I believe that Human race is one body with different parts and each part have different functions. There are those who help the environment, there are those who help humans, and there are those who help the animals. Different functions but equally important, as we all know without the balance, this world would have never existed and without this continued balance it will cease to exist.

I do not ask for you take responsibility, I only ask for your compassion towards the animals and all the living creatures on earth. I do not ask for you not to eat meat, I only ask that when you do, please avoid torture, the animals are already sacrificing so we may live, is torture really necessary? I ask that if you do not want to take responsibility please do not get in the way or condemn those who wish to. If you happen to have seen the movie Idiocrasy, there is a nice line in there that goes like this, "Either lead, follow, or get out of the way". Pick your choice.

Although I do not agree with the positions many of you have taken in your (hate) emails to the Animal Welfare Advocates (those of you who are defending Joseph's cruelty). I applaude you for taking a stance. Our greatest obstacle in our battle to educate people in compassion for all living things is apathy or indifference. I hope that because you have taken the time to make your feelings known on this topic that you will continue educating yourself to the plight of all living creatures on this planet.

I spoke to a gentleman from the United States that has lived here for the past 3 years. He stated that the laws are very strict in the USA against those who abuse animals. He also said that he did not noticed that there are more people cruel to animals here than in the USA. As anywhere in the world there are people whose nature is to be cruel or out of ignorance choose to do cruel acts. The difference, he said, is that here so many people look away when they see the suffering and injustices. They are afraid to stand up even when they wish to. Most people by nature are not cruel in their heart but it takes a strong person to stand against the norm of indifference and stand up against those who choose to be cruel.

I hope one day you will also be on the side of compassion but mostly I am writing this letter to let you know that even if you too are indifferent to the kingdom in which you are the master, please do not stand in the way of those that are trying to better the kingdom for all.

I have written a long letter, I have so many things to say, but there is only one question that I want you to consider...

Given that we have dominion and power over all animals, How do you wish to rule?

Kind Regards,
Donna Maddox
Member of Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA)

Note: Although I am a member of CARA and I stand with the side of all the Animal Welfare Advocates, my opinions does not necessarily concise the entirety of what our organization and other Animal Welfare Advocates fight for nor what it stands for. What I wrote above is my personal opinion, and if you have comments please contact me through this website. Thank You.


I am joining CARA and PAWS officially next week and I encourage you to do the same. If you love animals and want a better world for them too like we do, please support CARA and PAWS. Thank you.

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soul said...

how may I join CARA and PAWS? I have long wanted to join but I do not know how. Thanks!


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